How to Create Website in ASP.NET

Hello Developers, Here is Article to Create Website in C# ASP.NET. Here i am using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL server. Let’s Follow some important steps. step 1 : Open Visual Studio.Go to File Tab –>Project –>Web –>ASP.NET Web Application–>Select Empty –>Check Web Forms and MVC–>OK. (project name = LoginTest). step 2 : Right […]

10 Free Software 2020

Best Free Software of 2020.Let’s Follow the all given Details. 1.Photo & Picture Viewer Light Weight Software that’s use to view picture quickly. 2. AutoDesk Sketchbook Sketchbook is used to create your amazing artwork.It has beautiful interface that maximize the drawing space. Its work on MAC , WIN(64 BIT) and you can use it on […]

How to use this keyword in C#

this keyword in C# eliminates naming conflict.It indicates current instance.when two variable sometimes have same identifier, we should use this keyword to remove any confusion. output screen Code Explanation : step 1 : if you debug/run the program then control go to Main method thereafter that goes inside of the Main. step 2 : Program […]

Swap Adjacent Characters of Strings in Java

Hi Friends, this article in Java Program to swap adjacent characters of a string or words. the program is below. Code explanation if you debug the program then control goes to main Method then it starts processing block of main method. inside main method i created object sc of Scanner class using new keyword and […]