Clone vs CopyTo Methods in C#

Hi Programmers, welcome new article of ozanecare. this article i’m going to explain all important differences between CopyTo vs Clone methods in c# programming language.Let’s see. 1.CopyTo method copies the elements into another existing array but Clone method returns a new array containing all the elements in the old array. 2.CopyTo method Require index parameter […]

Merge Multiple Text Files in C#

Hi Programmers, Welcome to Ozanecare . This article is about to merge more than two text files into another file using c# programming language. we can merge multiple files using System.IO namespace.File and StreamWriter class. ReadAllLines and CreateText methods. ReadLines methodis used to read all lines of file. we must give correct file path to […]

Add Numbers in Text File C#

Hi Programmer,Welcome to Ozanecare . this article is about toAdd Numbers two text file using programming.In first file (abc1) has numeric values and also second file (abc2) has numeric values then we can perform abc1 + abc2 using c# programming language. see the below image. To Add two text files we must include System.IO […]

Assignment Operator vs Clone Method in C#

Hi Programmers,welcome to ozanecare. In this article i am going to write the program to differentiate Assignment Operator and Clone Method using programming language. The brief definition of assignment operator.It perform Shallow copying operation. The Shallow copy can be made by simply copying the reference. str2 simply refers to the same array as str1. […]

Sum of First and Last Digits in C#

Hello Programmers, welcome to ozanecare. this article i am going to write codes to calculate sum of first and last digits using c# programming language. we can easily achieve the output by using modulus and divide operators. modulus operator return remainder and divide operator return quotient. below image is the codes to find sum of […]

Find First and Last Digit of Number in C#

Hi Programmers, Welcome to Ozanecare. This Article i amgoing to Write the program to display first and lastdigit of any enter number using c# language.Let’s see thebelow program. Code Explanation : if you run/debug the program then controlfirst go to main method after that it comes inside mainmethod. there i have taken integer variable […]

How to Combine Array Elements in C#

Hi Programmers. Welcome to Ozanecare. this article i am going to write the program to combine Array elements using c# language. we can merge array elements by using Join method. the Join method accept four parameter. First parameter comma delimiter second array string third index and last total count. the below program st that’s comma […]

How to Concatenate Two Integer in C#

Hi Programmer,Welcome to Ozanecare. This article i amgoing to write the program to merge two integers programming. we can combine two integers many ways but this article i am going to show you three ways to concatenate two integers . 1.By using ToString method . the ToString method used toconvert any integer into string […]

How to Zip and Unzip File in C#

Hi Programmers. welcome to new article of ozanecare. this article i am going to write contents to zip and unzip files The First we need to add namespace System.IO.Compression. the ZipFile class definition has written in System.IO.Compression namespace. Taking three string type variable, first for filePath second to zip file and third to extract […]

Concatenate Char to String in C#

Hi Programmers, Welcome to Ozanecare. The new article for c# developer to learn how to concatenate Char with String. we can combine characters to strings with or without any method.Let’s see all coding. 1.Concatenating char to string by declaring String datatype variable and Character type variable. we can easily combine with plus(+) operator. see below […]