How to Run Java Program in Atom Editor

Hi Programmers, welcome to new article of ozanecare. This Article i’ll explain how to run java program inside atom editor.First steps of the program to install any jdk version.Let’s see important steps.Step1: install jdk. i highly recommend you should download any latest version. Open atom editor next add project folder. create new file with extension […]

Ternary Operator in Java

Hi Programmers, Welcome to New post Ozanecare. This post i will write the program to find highest of numbers using ternary operator. To calculated lowest of any numbers, we should give less (<) symbol in place of higher(>) symbol.The Ternary Operator is used to replace nested if statements with shorter and very readable codes. The […]

Java Foreach Loop Examples

Hi Programmers, Welcome to new post of Ozanecare. In this article, I am going to discuss the for and foreach loop in Java with beautiful examples. Let’s see about java for loop and foreach loop. The for loop iterates through items until a certain condition is true. there are four parts of for loop.1.Initialization 2.Condition […]