How to Install CodeLite on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi Developers,Here is the Article to install codelite IDE in Ubuntu operating system with C compiler and write orrun c or c++ program inside codelite editor. CodeLite IDE is free open source IDE used in Ubuntu operating system.Using codelite we can development desktop and web based application.Let’s see installation of codelite with c++ compiler. Step1: […]

How to Run Node.js in CodeLite

Hi Developer’s , Here is the article to debug Node.js in CodeLite.Let’s see all Important Steps.1.First Install Node.js . Open CodeLite IDE –>Workspace –> New Workspace–>select Node.js –> Give the name of New Workspace–OK 2.File –> New Empty File –>save the name with dot js extension.Write the below code.To Execute . Build –> Run –> […]