Display Duplicate Elements in Array in C#

Hi Programmers,here is the article to print duplicate elements in an array using c#.net programming.Array is the collection of similar data type.so we can compare each elements of an array with other elements.If any two elements are found same,we put them as duplicate. Here i am using one dimension array to find all duplicate elements […]

Check Palindrome String in C#

Hello Friends, this blog is about to check palindrome string using c#.net. suppose if user enter sentence ” madam ” . so output must be display “String is Palindrome” because its a palindrome word. if user enter “Hello World” then output display ” String is not Palindrome” because its not palindrome word. codes is below. […]

Delete Array Element in C#

Hi Programmers,here is the article to remove array element from Array. First we need to search array element if that match with searching element then detected elements delete from array.it will not affect size of the array. Here i am going to write program one dimension array.The concept of the program is to keep all […]

Connect Oracle with Visual Studio

Hi Guy’s, Here is the article to connect to oracle database c# visual studio 2019. Like others database we can also connectoracle with visual studio.Let’s see all important steps. 1.open visual studio.move to Tools tab and click “Connect to Database”. 2.Select Oracle Database from Data source.If you are using Oracle 11g higher version. you should […]

How to check GUID is null or empty in C#

Hi Guy’s , In this article , i’m going to explain if guid is null or empty value or non-empty values. Here i used few important method struct such as GUID , NewGuid,Empty,Byte etc.. Guid struct represents a globally unique identifier(GUID). NewGuid method is used to initializes a new instance of the System.Guid structure. NewGuid […]

How to Use Trim Method in C#

Trim method removes all leading and trailing occurrences of a set of characters specified in an array from String.object. It is used to remove occurrences of a set of characters from start to end of the current string. TrimEnd : It removes all trailing occurrences of a set of characters specified in an array from […]

List vs Array in C#

1. In List we can add/remove data anytime whenever we want but its so tedious with array. 2.when we set the size of array higher and insert few elements then rest place elements added 0 or null so rest place its wasted memory and its time taken process but List handle everything automatically no wastage […]

Clone Method in C#

It is used to clone / copy string object and it returns another copy of same data. It returns a reference to this instance of string. Example 1 :Since s1,s2 local strings variable. so we can use string typecasting with clone method to convert object to string type. Example 2 : Clone Method creates a […]