How to Run Node.js in Atom

Hi Developer’s , Here is the article to run Node.js in atom editor. Let’s see all Important Steps. 1.File–> Settings –>Install –> Install three packages a.script b.atom-beautify c.atom-ternjs. 2.Create New Project–>inside the project–>create new file–>Max.js(Give any name). see below image. 3.Click on Packages Tab –>Script –> Run Script.To check output. copy and paste the URL […]

How to Run C# Program in Atom

Hi guy’s,Here is the article to explain all important steps to run c# in atom editor or run c# code in atom. let’s see steps. 1.First create a New Folder anywhere in system. i created on Desktop with the name AtomProg. Now , Open atom editor click File Tab and then click open folder. 2.Right […]