RadioButtonList Control in ASP.NET C#

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This blogs is the Example of RadioButton Control in ASP.NET. It Just Like Radio Button the Only Difference is RadioButtonList Control has Group of Radio Button. If User Want More than one Radio Button then You Should use this Option. Lets see the Example….

Page 1 ,Write all Above Codes in WebForm.aspx to Add RadioButtonList , ListItem, Two CheckedBox ,Button and Label Controls. After That….

For Page 2, Include Page Language C#, Title tag and others.

in Page 3, Write Codes inside Script tag…

For Page 4 Picture the Codes for Move RadioButtonList into Horizontal and Vertical Form

After Running the Codes you get the Output … see the Below Picture.

If User Select Tue and second checkbox selected(Horizontal Form). After user click on Click button than onclick event fire after you get the output.

Selected Item : Tue Value : 3

i hope , You Like the Codes, if Any Doubt Leave Your Comment. Thank You:::))))

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