Migrate Oracle Tables to SQL Server

Hi Programmer,Here is the article to migrate oracle database tables into Microsoft SQL server.First we need to download and install ssma from Microsoft sites. To copy oracle database tables into Microsoft SQL server. let’s follow some steps.

1.Click File Tab next click “New Project” Give meaningful Project Name, suitable location and choose you SQL server version.i’m using SQL server 2019.

2.click “connect to Oracle”,Give correct Provider,mode,service name, server port,user name,password and click Connect button.

3.select suitable objects to loaded and click OK.

4.click “connect to SQL server”,give correct server name ,database name, select SQL server authentication, user name and password and click connect.

5.Right click SCOTT schema and go to Convert Schema.

6.Right click Adam database and click Synchronize with Database.

7.Here you can see the Load Metadata report and click OK button.

8.Right click on SCOTT schema and click Migrate Data.

9.Right click on Adam Database and click Synchronize with Database.

10.Right click on SCOTT.EMP Table and “Select Top 1000 Rows”.Now you can see all records of SCOTT.EMP Table.

Happy Installing…Thanks.

Post Author: adama