Install SQL Server Management Studio 18

Hi Programmers, welcome to new post Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18 version in Windows operating system.First we need to download SQL server 2019 and ssms 18.8(any latest version). For installation , let’s follow the following steps. setup file of SQL server 2019 –>installation –> click New SQL server stand-alone installation. see below image.

pic 1

Step2: Specify types of edition(Developer) –> Next –>Accept term and condition –>Next. see below image.

pic 2

Step3: Select “Database Engine Service” and “Analysis Service” — >click Next. see below image.

pic 3

Step4: Select “Default Instance” –>Next –>Grant Perform volume –>Next. see below image.

pic 4

Step5: You can use Windows authentication mode , for mixed mode specify password for sa user. see below image.–>Add current user –> next –>tabular mode –>next.
see below image if any doubt.

pic 5

step6: Ready to install –> install Progress — > install suceesfull.
finally sql server 2019 install correctly. see below image.

pic 6

Step7: Download any latest version of ssms. click SSMS-Setup-ENU file –> click Install button. see below image.

pic 7

Step8: progress status of Microsoft SQL server management studio . see below image.

pic 8

Step9: the installation of Microsoft SQL server management studio has been completed successfully. click close. see below image.

pic 9

Step10: write in search-box “ssms”. click Microsoft SQL server management studio 18. see below image.

pic 10

Step11: the Microsoft SQL server management studio console open , select authentication,windows or SQL server authentication . login with sa. click connect.see below image
Enjoy using ssms.

Happy Programming …Thanks.

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