Install SQL Server 2019 on Windows 10 [2021]

Hi Programmers, welcome to new post Microsoft SQL Server 2019 version in Windows operating system.First we need to download SQL server 2019 . For installation , let’s follow the following steps.
Step1. click setup file of SQL server 2019 –>installation –> click New SQL server stand-alone installation. see below image.

Step2: Speify types of edition(Developer) –> Next –>Accept term and condition –>Next. see below image.

Step3: Select “Database Engine Service” and “Analysis Service” — >click Next. see below image.

Step4: Select “Default Instance” –>Next –>Grant Perform volume –>Next. see below image.

Step5: You can use Windows authentication mode , for mixed mode specify password for sa user. see below image.–>Add current user –> next –>tabular mode –>next. see below image if any doubt.

Step6: Ready to install –> install Progress — > install successful. finally SQL server 2019 install correctly. see below image.

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Post Author: adama