How to Run C# Program in Ubuntu

How to install C# Program in Ubuntu. First we need to open ubuntu Terminal. Now here after we need to Write
following commands….. 1. sudo apt-get update
(or sudo aptitude update ) : It is used to updates local system.

  • Next Command We need to install “mono-runtime” . About Mono, it provides complete CLR ( Common Language Runtime) with compiler and runtime. it produce and execute CIL ( Common Intermediate Language)
  • sudo apt-get install mono-runtime
y to continue
  • third command we need to install “mono-mcs”. mcs is Turbo C# compiler or we can say “Mono C# compiler ” .
  • sudo apt-get install mono-mcs.
press y for continue

Change the Location Where C# File Located. In my case, C# File is in Desktop. so changing the path using “cd” command. ” cd Desktop . For compiling use mcs file name . For execution write mono with executable file.

Happy Coding, Leave you comment.if any doubt.

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