How to Install Tableau

Hello Guys, this article is related with Tableau. How to install tableau in windows. here you can get complete steps for installation.

step 1. write in Google ” tableau download ” and hit enter. select first option,Follow the below image.

step 2. In next step you can find ” Tableau Desktop “. that’s for 14 day free trial. enter your business email and click “Download Free Trial” button.

step 3. In next step Tableau.exe file will automatically open if the file not opening then ” click here”. Next ” Save File ” and double click Tableau.exe file.

step 4. In next step you can find “Tableau Desktop” or Welcome to Tableau. click checkbox of licence agreement ad click install button.

step 5. In next step you can find Tableau 2019.4 installing. when installation done you can get “Start or activate Tableau” and click “Start trial now”.

step 6. In next step fill the registration form and click “Register” button. if all fine then next step you can get “Registration completed” and next click “Continue”.

  • step 7. In last steps, you don’t need to do anything. Automatically Tableau editor open.

i hope the article helpful , Enjoy.. Thanks…

Post Author: adama