How to Install OrientDB in Windows

Hi Guy’s,here is the article to explain all important steps to install
orientdb database in windows 10 operating system.

step 1:Write in Google Search box “orientdb”.click in first site.
so,its graph and multi mode download you can see “OrientDB Enterprise Edition”,click download button.After clicking download button, you can see “DOWNLOAD ORIENTDB COMMUNITY EDITION” and “DOWNLOAD ENTERPRISE AGENT”.
Now choose your operating system.i am selecting windows.Download Zip file and extract it.

Step 2:Open the directory of orientdb and open bin on server batch file. give suitable password of root user.Now its done.

step 3:Next double click on console batch file and there you can execute any queries.

step 4:copy http://localhost:2480 and in browser.there you can Studio Web Tool opens.
create any database and perform any kind of operation.

Happy Coding…Thanks.

Post Author: adama