How to Install Bosque Programming Language

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  1. Install NodeJs
  2. Install Visual Studio Code
  3. Install TypeScript ( write in CMD : npm i typescript -g )
  4. Download Bosque Programming From Github.
  5. Create Folder bosque in .vscode folder & paste all extracted files.
  6. Open Node.js command prompt and go to ” bosque\ref_imp “
    let’s say c:\user\adam.vscode\bosque\ref_impl
  7. copy “bosque-language-tools” into .vscode/extension
  8. For Installing Bosque Write Command inside
    c:\user\adam.vscode\bosque\ref_impl> npm install && npm run-script build && npm test;
  9. write command in c:\user\adam.vscode\bosque\ref_impl> code Test.bsq “
  10. write codes namespace NSMain; entrypoint function main() : String
    return “Hello World!!!!!!!”;
  11. for execution write
    c:\user\adam.vscode\bosque\ref_impl> node bin/test/app_runner.js Test.bsq

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