How to Drop Database in SQL Server

Hi Developers , Welcome to the Ozanecare. In this article I’ll explain all important steps to drop database in Microsoft SQL server 2019. Anything in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) , we can do by two ways. First –> Graphically , Second –> Queries. To Drop Database in SQL SERVER let’s follow steps.

Step 1 : Right click on Database(Emp) –> select Delete –> press OK button. For help see below image.

Step 2 : For deleting database by query . write ” Drop Database Employee” , now you can see commands completed successfully.When you drop database the database files ldf and mdf both deleted. for help see below image.

Step 3 : We can’t drop currently in use or running database.See below image. Adam database is currently in use but another login try to drop Adam database. so error occur Drop failed for
Database ‘Adam’

Happy Queries…Thanks.

Post Author: adama