How to Create Database in SQL Server 2019

Hi Developers , Welcome to the Ozanecare. In this article I’ll explain all important steps to create database in Microsoft SQL server 2019. Anything in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) , we can do by two ways. First –> Graphically , Second –> Queries. To Create Database in SQL SERVER let’s follow steps.

Step 1 : Right Click in “Database” –> New Database –> Database name (Employee) –> OK. database will create with the name “Employee”.for help see below image.

Step 2 : To check the location of database . Right click on database(Employee)–> Properties –> copy the path –> paste into Run searchbox. For help see below image.

Step 3 : After Giving path now you can see two files created of Employees. 1.Data File(.mdf) 2.Transaction log file (.ldf). For help see below image.

Step 4 : To create database using query write ” Create Database Employee1; ” . Execute the query and refresh “Databases”. the new database created. For help see below image.

Happy SQL Server…Thanks.

Post Author: adama