Connect SQL Server with Oracle SQL Developer

Using SQL Server Database connecting Oracle SQL developer.

step 1 : open Oracle SQL Developer . click Tools Tab Next click Preferences.

step 2 : inside preferences select Database.

step 3 : inside Database “Third Party JDBC Drivers

step 4 : inside “Third Party JDBC Drivers” click Add Entry. now you have to give jdbc driver.

step 5 : for jdbc driver. in Google search box write ” jdbc driver for sybase “.

step 6 : you can find jTDS – SQL Server and Sybase JDBC driver. download driver from sourceforge.

step 7 : now click again ” Add Entry” then select jtds folder after select jtds.jar file and click OK.

step 8 : now click “New Connection” . you can see two extra tabs comes near to Oracle . 1.SQLServer 2.Sybase

step 9 : click SQLServer give Connection Name = TestDB User = userOfSqlserver. Password = PasswordofSqlServer

step 10 : now give HostName = hostNameofSqlServer Port = 1433 and click Retrieve database.

step 11 : automatically so many database of sql server comes. select any and click connect.

step 12 : you successfully connected SQL server with SQL developer.
Now you can use any Database and enjoy…

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