Cumulative Sum in Oracle

Hi Programmers, Welcome to Ozanecare and this article i’m going to write queries to find out cumulative salary in oracle database. Calculating Running Total or cumulative salary with OVER clause and Partition By. with the help of partition by we can divided groups and we can calculate cumulative sum of every groups. let’s see the […]

How to Install OrientDB in Windows

Hi Guy’s,here is the article to explain all important steps to installorientdb database in windows 10 operating system. step 1:Write in Google Search box “orientdb”.click in first site. so,its graph and multi mode download you can see “OrientDB Enterprise Edition”,click download button.After clicking download button, you can see “DOWNLOAD ORIENTDB COMMUNITY EDITION” and […]

Connect MySQL with Oracle SQL Developer

Complete Connection guide of MySQL with Oracle SQL Developer. Connect MySql with Oracle SQL Developer step 1 : open Oracle SQL Developer . click Tools Tab Next click Preferences. step 2 : inside preferences select Database. step 3 : inside Database “Third Party JDBC Drivers step 4 : inside “Third Party JDBC Drivers” click Add […]

DeadLock in Oracle Database

A deadlock happens when two or more Transactions are waiting for resources locked by each other, resulting in all the Transactions being blocked. Let’s see , How to create deadlock in Oracle Database. Create Two Tables in same Schema. Open two SQL Developer IDE. CREATE TABLE Adam1 ( ID NUMBER(2) CONSTRAINT adam_col1_pk23 PRIMARY KEY, Name […]