Change Tracking in SQL Server

Change Tracking identifies the rows that have changed in the Table . Most of the Things in SQL SERVER . We can do by Two ways — 1 . First Graphically 2. Second by Query. Enable Change Tracking on Database . By Graphically : Right click on Database . Select Property . click on “Change […]

Difference between Identity & Sequence in SQL Server

1.The IDENTITY property cannot be shared among multiple tables because It’s a table column property.   SEQUENCE Object is Created by user so it can be shared by multiple tables . It is not attached to any table.  Creating Three Tables , Dev1 has Identity Column ID Creating Sequence Inserting the Records on Dev2 and Dev3. […]

Convert Sql Server to XML

Convert SQL Server Table to XML

Hi Friends , This post to let you know, How to Convert SQL Server Database Table into XML. Let’s see following steps —– Step 1 . Execute ” Select * From DEPT ” Query to check the Records inside the Table. Step 2 : To convert Sql Server data into xml , We must use […]

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Display Disk Space Information for All Tables at Once – Sql Server

Any Active database , disk storage requirements are getting higher over time. You can Easily view disk Space taken by All tables in a Database. When Query execution completed . Following Information You’ll get on Tabular form. Tables Name Number of rows on the table Reserved Size of the Tables. Amount of disk space used […]

Clustered vs Nonclustered index in Sql Server

Clustered index Stored Rows physically on the disks in Sorted Format but nonClustered index a second list that has pointers to the physical rows, so it stored rows in unsorted format . 2 . With Clustered index Logical reads are less but nonClustered index generate high logical reads. 3. Clustered Index generate low query cost […]

Importance of Index in Sql Server

Indexing Provides a way to improve performance of Your data access queries. Without index , it scan all records and logical and physical reads values are higher . With index , logical and physical are reads less. so it enhance performance of Queries. Comparing Table Scan vs. Clustered Index So, We should use index. if […]