How to Install Cassandra on Windows

Hi Programmers , welcome to new article of ozanecare. This article i’ll explain complete steps download and install Cassandra on windows 10 operating system. Let’s Follow the Following steps. 1.Install Any Java version but i highly recommend you install java version 8. Install jdk8 and set path C:\Java\jdk1.8.0_211\binCreate Java JAVA_HOME = put java path. 2.Install […]

basic hadoop commands with example

Most important Used Hadoop HDFS Shell Commands that used frequently. hadoop subcommand for help hadoop fs or hdfs dfs hadoop version –print product version hadoop -showversion print class path hadoop classpath for help hadoop -help “or” hadoop -? print help on non-standard options hadoop -X to get help from specific command hadoop fs -help get […]

How to Create INDEX in Cassandra

Creating Table First CREATE TABLE spoint.emp( ID int , Name text Primary Key, City text ); 2. Insert the Records inside the Table. insert into emp (id,city,name) values (113,’cardiff’,’jason’); insert into emp (id,city,name) values (114,’perth’,’mike’); insert into emp (id,city,name) values (115,’miami’,’ronny’); insert into emp (id,city,name) values (116,’california’,’sunny’); using “select id, city, name from emp” to […]