Generate Multiplication Table in C#

Hi Guy’s, Here is the article for C# Program to Generate Multiplication Table. To display multiplication tables we need to accept any integer value.if for loop condition true then according to given value that display multiplication of table with respect to given number. let’s see the program. C# Program to Generate Multiplication Table with range […]

Display Duplicate Elements in Array in C#

Hi Programmers,here is the article to print duplicate elements in an array using programming.Array is the collection of similar data we can compare each elements of an array with other elements.If any two elements are found same,we put them as duplicate. Here i am using one dimension array to find all duplicate elements […]

Check Palindrome String in C#

Hello Friends, this blog is about to check palindrome string using suppose if user enter sentence ” madam ” . so output must be display “String is Palindrome” because its a palindrome word. if user enter “Hello World” then output display ” String is not Palindrome” because its not palindrome word. codes is below. […]

Delete Array Element in C#

Hi Programmers,here is the article to remove array element from Array. First we need to search array element if that match with searching element then detected elements delete from will not affect size of the array. Here i am going to write program one dimension array.The concept of the program is to keep all […]