Columnstore Index in Azure Data Studio

It is used to store,retrieve,managing data by multiple column. it used on large Datawarehouse fact tables. It gains 10 times the query performance. It achieve 10 times the data compression. Query to Create Columnstore index

Stored Procedures in Azure Data Studio

A Procedure or stored procedure is a group of SQL statements in Azure Data Studio that has been created and stored in the database. It accept input and output Parameters. All relational database system supports stored procedure, Stored Procedures are faster than SQL Queries. stored procedures a query plan is generated and cached. We can […]

Temporary Tables in Azure Data Studio

Temporary tables  are stored in the tempDB database. When you create a temporary table, Azure Data Studio Sever adds some additional characters on its name in order to provide a unique system name for it and then it stores it in tempDB in the sysobjects table. Temporary Table Works When Session Running. It Automatically Delete When Session Stops. Example : – […]

How To Create Table in Azure Data Studio

The Azure CREATE TABLE Statement. The CREATE TABLE statement is used to create a new table in a database’ Run the Codes. After That You should Insert the Records. Right Click on Table that You Created. Select Edit Data Then Insert Records. After Inserting Records . Click on ” Run ” .

Create New Database in Azure Data Studio

CREATE DATABASE Statement. How to create a blank new database: Start Azure Data Studio Right Click the “ localhost ” template. … Select  Manage Option. .. Click the New Query (under the Task). Create New Database Using Adam Database. Adam Database is User Defined Database. Example : – After Execution of the codes, Database Successfully Created. I […]