Calendar Control in ASP.NET

The Calendar Control is Powerful Web Form Control.
By Using this Control, You can get Electronic Calendar in Your Project.

It has Different Properties —
DayHeaderStyle : It is used to Display day header Row.
You get BackColor , Border Color, Border Style , Border Width, cssClass.
Various Font Options Like ForeColor,Height , HorizontalAlign, Vertical Align Width and Many More…
2.DayStyle : By Using This Property, You can do BackColor,BorderStyle,BorderStyle,BorderWidth,CssClass Option
on DayStlyle Section.
NextPrevStyle : The Style Applied to month navigation buttons.
OtherMonthDayStyle : It Applied to days from adjacent months.
SelectedDayStyle : The style of currently selected days.
SelectorStyle : This Applied to the week and month selector column.
TitleStyle : It is used to applied title.
TodayDayStyle : The style applied to today’s date.
WeekendDayStyle : The style applied to weekend days.


It has Various Events —
DayRender : It Fires as a day is being rendered.
SelectionChanged : It Fires When selection is changed by the user.
VisibleMonthChanged : It Fires when visible Month is changed by the user.
DataBinding : It fires when the control’s data binding expression are to be evaluated.
Disposed : It Fires when the control has been disposed.
Init : It Fires when the page has been initialized.
Load : It Fires when the page has been loaded.
PreRender : It Fires before the Page is rendered.

Auto Format Options :
Professional 1
Professional 2
Colorful 1
Colorful 2

If You want to Practice by codes. Write below Picture Codes in Source. You will create Calendar Control.

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