Importance of Index in Sql Server

Indexing Provides a way to improve performance of Your data access queries. Without index , it scan all records and logical and physical reads values are higher . With index , logical and physical are reads less. so it enhance performance of Queries. Comparing Table Scan vs. Clustered Index So, We should use index. if […]

FontInfo Property for ASP.NET

With FontInfo Property, you’ll get different option on Font Like Bold Property, Size Property to set the size of font. And Many More… Example of Font Property : – Write the codes inside WebForm.aspx.cs extension. Happy Coding ,,,,Thanks

PlaceHolder Control in ASP.NET

PlaceHolder Control used to store dynamically added web server controls ( Button, Label , TextBox etc…)     on the web page . Example : – Write the Codes inside webform.aspx.cs In this Example, i explain about how to use placeholder control with two button control. About placeholder control , it is used to store dynamically […]

Columnstore Index in Azure Data Studio

It is used to store,retrieve,managing data by multiple column. it used on large Datawarehouse fact tables. It gains 10 times the query performance. It achieve 10 times the data compression. Query to Create Columnstore index

Literal Control in ASP.NET

Literal Control in ASP.NET

Literal Control Used to display static text on Web Page. It Comes Under  Namespace : System.Web.UI.WebControls. Assembly : System.Web.dll Write the Codes Inside WebForm.aspx Write the codes inside WebForm.aspx.cs Happy Coding. Thanks…