Difference between Identity & Sequence in SQL Server

1.The IDENTITY property cannot be shared among multiple tables because It’s a table column property.   SEQUENCE Object is Created by user so it can be shared by multiple tables . It is not attached to any table.  Creating Three Tables , Dev1 has Identity Column ID Creating Sequence Inserting the Records on Dev2 and Dev3. […]

Retain null values

How to Retain Null Values in SSIS

Hi Guys, This post about to let you know. SSIS package to read Blank data as Null values from Flat File Source. Let’s See Following steps —— step 1 : A source flat file has some blank fields . inside Blank fields first i’m not going to do any modification . Step 2 : Right […]

Convert Sql Server to XML

Convert SQL Server Table to XML

Hi Friends , This post to let you know, How to Convert SQL Server Database Table into XML. Let’s see following steps —– Step 1 . Execute ” Select * From DEPT ” Query to check the Records inside the Table. Step 2 : To convert Sql Server data into xml , We must use […]

Import Fixed width Flat File in SSIS

Hi Guys, This post about ” How we can import fixed width flat file into database using ssis ” . It slightly complicated when you try first but follow the steps. i made them easy Step 1 : Write or copy/paste any data into flat(text) file . Give suitable spaces between each and every columns. […]

Import Text File in SSIS

importing data from flat text file into Sql Server using SSIS. Step 1 : First right click on SSIS Package , select ” Add ” , next select “New Item ” then press Enter. Step 2 : click “New SSIS Package” to create a new SQL Server Integration services (SSIS ) package . step 3 […]

How To Create First SSIS Package

Step 1 : First Install SSDT For Visual Studio From msdn site. For creating SSIS package . Select CheckBox of SQL Server Integration Services. Step 2 : Open Visual Studio . Click File tab , Select New , Click Project . Step 3 : When SSDT for Visual Studio Successfully installed. Then You can get […]

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Display Disk Space Information for All Tables at Once – Sql Server

Any Active database , disk storage requirements are getting higher over time. You can Easily view disk Space taken by All tables in a Database. When Query execution completed . Following Information You’ll get on Tabular form. Tables Name Number of rows on the table Reserved Size of the Tables. Amount of disk space used […]

Clustered vs Nonclustered index in Sql Server

Clustered index Stored Rows physically on the disks in Sorted Format but nonClustered index a second list that has pointers to the physical rows, so it stored rows in unsorted format . 2 . With Clustered index Logical reads are less but nonClustered index generate high logical reads. 3. Clustered Index generate low query cost […]