How to Run C# Program in Ubuntu

How to install C# Program in Ubuntu. First we need to open ubuntu Terminal. Now here after we need to Write following commands….. 1. sudo apt-get update(or sudo aptitude update ) : It is used to updates local system. Next Command We need to install “mono-runtime” . About Mono, it provides complete CLR ( Common […]

Top 10 C# Interview Program on Increment Decrement operators

C# Increment and Decrements operators interview Question and Answer. What is the output of the following program. Correct Answer C. Code Explanation : step 1 : i=0 , next control comes to while loop, since its post increment so i=0, and 0<5 condition true. after i increase then i=1. print i value 1 and loop […]

basic hadoop commands with example

10 .To create new directory hadoop fs -mkdir /Jason –put the file into Jason hadoop fs -put C:/New30.txt /Jason (new file name) –lets see file added into hdfs Jason Directory. hadoop fs -ls /Jason/* 11. we can use cat command to see the data hadoop dfs -cat /Jason/* 13. AppendFile hadoop fs -help appendToFile hadoop […]

C# Program to Display Next Character

Hi Guy’s, in this article , i have written the code to display Next character using if user enter any character then output display next character.inside the code where i used ASCII concept.if character lies between 65 to 122 then expected output display. if user input special symbol then output display “wrong input”. if […]

C# Program to check Strong Number

C# program to check whether a number is Strong number or not. the definition of Strong Number : If Sum of Factorial of its Digits is Equal to Number it self. For Example : !1 + !4 + !5 = 145 C# Program to check Strong Number using nested while loop C# Program to check […]

Compare two arrays with different order values in C#

Hi Guys, this article about, how to compare Two Arrays with Different Order and same length using Suppose user give random array elements but elements of array same then output must display “Same Array Elements” else “Different Array”. Let’s see the below codes… Happy Coding…Thanks

C# Program to Swap Two String without using Third Variable

Hi Guys, this article , i have written codes for Swap Two String without using Third Variable in C# or Swap Two String variable without using Third or Temporary Variable in C#.Net. in this codes , i used substring method, with substring method i stored some values into str1 and str2. below is the codes… […]

C# Program to Find Roots of Quadratic Equation

Hi Guys, this article to show you c# code to calculate quadratic equation. the standard form of quadratic equation is ax2 +bx+c=0 where a,b,c numbers and a # 0 . the root of quadratic equation determined the value . (b*b) – (4*a*c) / 2*a; lets see the codes. C# Codes to Find Roots of Quadratic […]

Factorial Program in C# – 5 Simple Ways

Factorial of Any positive integer is the product of positive number and all decreasing numbers. suppose if user enter numbers !4 = 4321 = 24. so we calculate factorial of a number !n = n(n-1)(n-2)(n-3)….*1; Factorial Program in C# using for loop Factorial Program in C# using while loop Factorial Program in C# do while […]

C# Program to display Armstrong Numbers

About Armstrong Number, the sum of the thrice power of individual digits is equal to number itself. this article to display Armstrong numbers between two intervals. How to calculate Armstrong number , suppose number : 153 = 1 * pow(3) + 5 * pow(3) + 3 * pow(3) = 1 + 125 + 27 = […]