Encrypt Columns in Sql Server

This is newly feature comes after SQL Server 2016 version. By using Encrypt Columns we can convert columns into Coded format.¬† the coded columns are the combinations of alphanumeric values. Converting Columns into Encrypt format, its hard to understand columns records. let’s see the steps to convert columns into Encrypt format— 1.¬† select the Database, […]

Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture vs Change Tracking

Difference 1 : Change Tracking : Change Tracking Identifies the rows that have changed in the Table . But Change data capture : CDC is a tool that detects and records changes made to a database. It display before updated records and after updated records in the Table . Difference 2 : Change Tracking : […]

Change Data Capture

Change Data Capture in SQL Server

Change data capture, or CDC, is a tool that detects records changes made to a database.  Change Data Capture expose INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs applied to SQL Server tables.  It Display Historical Records as well current Records. To Detects data changes on Table, First You should enable “Sql Server Agent ” . Enable Database for […]

Change Tracking in SQL Server

Change Tracking identifies the rows that have changed in the Table . Most of the Things in SQL SERVER . We can do by Two ways — 1 . First Graphically 2. Second by Query. Enable Change Tracking on Database . By Graphically : Right click on Database . Select Property . click on “Change […]

Difference between Identity & Sequence in SQL Server

1.The IDENTITY property cannot be shared among multiple tables because It’s a table column property.   SEQUENCE Object is Created by user so it can be shared by multiple tables . It is not attached to any table.  Creating Three Tables , Dev1 has Identity Column ID Creating Sequence Inserting the Records on Dev2 and Dev3. […]

Convert Sql Server to XML

Convert SQL Server Table to XML

Hi Friends , This post to let you know, How to Convert SQL Server Database Table into XML. Let’s see following steps —– Step 1 . Execute ” Select * From DEPT ” Query to check the Records inside the Table. Step 2 : To convert Sql Server data into xml , We must use […]

Clustered vs Nonclustered index in Sql Server

Clustered index Stored Rows physically on the disks in Sorted Format but nonClustered index a second list that has pointers to the physical rows, so it stored rows in unsorted format . 2 . With Clustered index Logical reads are less but nonClustered index generate high logical reads. 3. Clustered Index generate low query cost […]

Importance of Index in Sql Server

Indexing Provides a way to improve performance of Your data access queries. Without index , it scan all records and logical and physical reads values are higher . With index , logical and physical are reads less. so it enhance performance of Queries. Comparing Table Scan vs. Clustered Index So, We should use index. if […]